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The Joevak Empire (CPP)

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The Joevak Empire (CPP)

Post by Mr. StraightFacts on Sun Aug 05, 2018 8:53 am

The Commonwealth of Pheonix Prime
The Joevak Empire

     HISTORY: The Joevak Empire didn't come to fruition until the later century after Earth decided it was time to begin colonizing the nearby stars. The people of the Joevak Empire lived on Earth, amongst the EFA. They called themselves, The Commonwealth of Pheonix Prime. The idea of the group was a political group that had a slightly different viewpoint on how things should be done. Large amount of the CPP (Commonwealth of Phoenix Prime) came from Irish, Nordic, Welsh, American, and German. These different nationalists weren't part of the main bulk of their countries, but they came together during unhappy times. 

      The year was 2075, Earth, the EFA soon had begun talking control of the major countries. Placing specific people in power among other countries, the EFA took over countries and merged them within their powerbase. Conflict followed, the newly formed EFA hunted down anyone who held different viewpoints that clashed with the EFA's vision. The CPP fought the EFA for 2 years before they had lost, and were forced to hide in the "shadows". Followers of the CPP formed Insurgent groups and brought back their "Warrior Code" of the past days. This moment, began the pathway towards the birth of the Joevak Empire. One of the main principals of the Joevak Empire is the instilled Warrior Code Ethics.

      The CPP insurgency lasted for 4 years, as the year 2079 ended, so did a plan to leave Earth. The EFA had soon full control of the planet, and begun fueling their plans to colonize the moon. This led to the CPP's plan to steal colony ships that were being built within Berlin, Germany. The CPP waited for the right moment, and at the beginning of 2080, their time had come. This moment within the EFA would end in embarrassment. The CPP attacked the station just outside of Berlin, killing majority of the threat forces that were protecting the airfield. Over 900,000 people filled those colony ships and left. Sadly, the CPP had to leave a large group behind that made sure that they could escape. A sacrifice that would be etched within the CPP's days of remembrance. The CPP called it, "The Bloody Winters Holiday". A holiday that the CPP soon would stop all work, and stay at home to remember the sacrifice that people gave, ensuring their freedom. Into the stars they went, passing the light defenses that orbited the planet, the CPP ventured into space.

       They floated in space for years, and soon found themselves caught within the a wormhole that sent them on the other side of the galaxy. Specifically, the Northern sector of the galaxy. They crashed amongst a planet, colonized the planet, and soon began to spread. Many generations later, they now controlled the planet. Things became more unstable as factors formed within the CPP. War broke out between clans and the first World War began. The conflict last 10 years, and ended in a nuclear war. With factions destroyed, and survivors left on a scarred world. They vowed to never let it happen again. As apocalypse survivors, the CPP became battle harden, and soon they began to rebuild. Reclaiming their former glory, they focused on unity and science. Forming a new egalitarian government, they voted the first Prime Minister into power, her name was Savanni Moragalii. With her vision, she guided the CPP into the stars as they began to colonize the nearby planets. 

 Reaching into the stars, they seek redemption against the EFA. Their warrior blood demanding vengeance. 

      The now newly formed Joevak Empire now expanded operations within the Solar System, claiming everything within the system. The Joevak Empire created a Space Station and its first Armada of ships that stand guard of the system. The Joevak Empire now looks upon the nearby systems, seeking to expand their operations. The people as a whole began to discover they had abilities that are similar to telekinesis. A very mild version of the ability now rests in every civilian of the Empire. The most they have discovered it can do is give a sense of "feeling", a connection to the surrounding environment. A stronger bond began to form among the people of the Joevak Empire, and a new sense of pride began to form.
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