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The League of Ebon

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The League of Ebon

Post by Mr. StraightFacts on Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:30 am

The League of Ebon
The League of Ebon is considered to be Militant but spiritual. Believing that there is a balance that needs to be kept within the Galaxy. They see that their people are that keeper of balance. Thus, conflict grew as their hatred towards the Eclipse Empire and the EFA began to form. Conflict between the two God Empires to their West and Southeast grew to be devastating to other planets that got caught up into the conflict. Minor species were killed off in the war, and some who had just spread their "wings" into the cosmos were also killed off early. The conflict pained the people to a point that their views on the Galaxy began to twisted in anger.

Now, with a new ruler taking place within the League of Ebon, they now view all life to be a threat to the Galaxy's balance. The League of Ebon has grown quiet as they no longer talk much during the Galaxy Embassy meetings. Now, even more so, more Empires are revealing themselves within the Galaxy, and this is pushing the once Spiritual people to be now more chaotic and fanatic.
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