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The Eclipse Empire

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The Eclipse Empire

Post by Mr. StraightFacts on Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:23 am


The Eclipse Empire, one of the oldest Empires within the 4 God Empires. They've been known to brutally execute their captives and enslave weaker empires/nations. Not too long ago, the Eclipse Empire went to war with the League of Ebon. This conflict lasted 20 years, but, the EFA soon forced them to end their conflict as issues between the three God Empires started to erupt. The Eclipse Empire, being a largely Dictatorial Empire, began a "Purge" conflict on the EFA, but held off on attacking the League of Ebon. This conflict with the EFA never really took off as traveling across the galaxy had been too costly.

The overall issue with the long distance of travel was that they were detected by the EFA, thus giving the EFA a chance to set up defenses and a Striking Force for a counter attack. The Emperor of the Eclipse Empire soon lost interest in the conflict with the EFA, and turned his focus back within their region of the Galaxy. The Eclipse Empire continues their extermination of lower Empires, enslaving the weaker species and kill off anything they deem to be inferior.
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