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The EFA (Earth Federation Alliance)

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The EFA (Earth Federation Alliance)

Post by Mr. StraightFacts on Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:28 am


The EFA is the original Human empire. They come from the Sol System, planet Earth. Through many years of conflict, ending in the year 2052. Through a totalitarian regime, the EFA took control of the population by force. The EFA government is comprised of many different governments of different countries. Only “First World” countries have earned a place within the main seats of power within the EFA. Each seat controls their respected countries / regions. There is one person above all of that, Empress Ophelia. She is the one true power governing the entire EFA.

Empress Ophelia:

No one has ultimately seen her in public, but her wrath and discern for her enemies is felt. She came into power after the American and English Governments voted her family into power. Removing the American Declaration of Independence and the English parliament, her family took over both countries. They soon created the EFA, thus war followed. Countries fell to the EFA, and soon the rest of the world. This is what historians call the “50 Year War”. She killed her brother to take the throne and began to look towards the stars to expand the EFA. Not satisfied with just one planet, she wanted entire systems under her control.

EFA began to expand into the adjacent system, they called Terra. However, Terra and its Inhabitants wanted to rebel against the EFA. This led to another 10-year conflict, known as the “Terra’s Rebellion”. Thousands of people died, and many more were injured. The EFA won the war, but not before many colony ships left the system. Empress Ophelia ordered the ships to be left alone, believing that they would die in space. Soon, Beta Heris & Setti followed as new colonies. The EFA had grown to a 4 system Empire. That however changed when the EFA met their first Alien species, the Eclipse Empire.

History within the EFA culture would say things were peaceful between both Empires. That, however, is a lie. The Eclipse Empire and the EFA fought for many years and still fight till this day. There is a peace, for now between both Empires. With the years that went by, the EFA met the League of Ebon and the Syndicate. The four Empires acknowledged each other’s strength and now call themselves the 4 God Empires. The seats of power within the Galactic Senate.

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