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Clan Sensku: General Info

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Clan Sensku: General Info

Post by Dekkys on Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:20 am

All species have their legends. Their myths, their origins, their gods. From the dirt of their homeworld they rose and built their own great civilization. Their fortresses and their starships all forged from centuries of documented history. But that only applies to species who grew up here. Not to the Seraphim of Clan Sensku

Their tales tell great nomadic fleets, star cruisers the size of moons and even small terrestrial planets fleeing from a war that tore the sky asunder and a great evil that could consume the stars themselves. The Seraphim lost and fled through the void in between galaxies, yet their legends are patchwork. Only the fragments of data stored on a few scraps of code hidden away in ancient databases are all they know of their history. Even the once-great star cruisers are shadows of their former selves and, in the Clan Sensku’s few decades of civilization, have been dismantled to build their cities and libraries.

Even though their culture devolved in the unknown centuries of travel through the void, Sensku retains a high level of technology. Even though they do not fully understand the scope of the technology they possess, Sensku stands amongst the most advanced species in the galaxy with their mixture of unusual technology capable of building devices from the atomic level and their latent psionic powers gives their culture an almost mystical and religious air, but it enables them to almost “speak” with their mysterious technologies. Much of it is psionically powered and interfaced which limits control of it largely to magically or psychically inclined races.

As a culture, Sensku is inherently class-based and somewhat militaristic society. Though not necessarily xenophobic, the Senskan people generally prefer their solitude and many enjoy harnessing their psionic abilities. There is a high degree of individuality in the Seraphim race and though there is a rigid class-structure, it is dependent entirely one one’s skill with psionic abilities and it is far from unheard of for members to move up or down classes. Battle and focus are some of the most potent ways for one to harness their psionic abilities, so it is often the most battle-hardened or most learned members of Clan Sensku that reach the upper echelons of their society. As a result, the people of Clan Sensku tend to segregate themselves between the warriors and the scholars in their journey down these two different paths of enlightenment.

Seraphim people generally stand at seven feet tall and are lithe with four arms and four eyes which generally glow in any of the primary colors. They can be seen as highly intimidating, especially considering much of their clothing is made out of ceramic or metal alloys that focus and enhance their psionic abilities. What skin is visible is generally a deep and calloused gray and even though they prefer to have their lower faces covered, those who see it will realize that beneath their thin mouths is a jaw of multi-joined mandibles.

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