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Odin 1-E (Asmelia)

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Odin 1-E (Asmelia)

Post by GM_Faux on Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:45 pm


Asmeila is the First planet in the Eon Triangle (The Triangle formed by the three planets colonized by the Atrata Angelic Republic) It is also the planet that the AAR (Atrata Angelic Republic) formed and grew. Asmelia is a cool planet, almost 2 degrees cooler than Earth itself which makes the winter harsh on the planet. The planet itself has a very expansive history including the crash landing of the stolen EFA Colony ship and the upbringing of the AAR. The most prominent feature on the planet is the inhabitants. Asmeila has a very diverse ecological niche including primarily mammals and very few species of reptiles around the land masses that pass through the equator of the planet. The lack of reptiles is due to the cool climate of Asmelia, and the ecological niche is in return filled with very diverse mammals that eat the species of insects on the planet.

The foliage has a very bizarre adaptation. The plants grow even when submerged in snow. The plants on Asmelia use the water and nutrients embedded into the snow and in turn have a chemical makeup that expels heat. Not a lot of heat, but they have observable homeostasis. The insects are the most bizarre by far that the scientists have observed. The insects are active during the winter months and seem to thrive. They too have the chemical makeup of the plants, most probably due to the fact that they actively consume the plants and use the homeostasis chemicals for themselves. They are able to dig through the snow due to the relatively hard exoskeletons they have adapted. But some of the Insects live underneath the ground and use the heat of the several plants’ roots to get their warmth. They also have the chemical but it has a strange reaction to them and expels light and heat turning the chemical into a form of bioluminescence.

The planet is also very large, Because of this large mass, there are visible rings orbiting around Asmelia... The rings were made from an ancient collision with one of its moons, it now has only 2 moons left. The collision was the product of the decay of that moon’s orbit due to the sheer size of the planet. The moon crashing into the planet’s surface helped implant much of the resources that are found on Asmelia. Seismic activity and volcanoes aren’t very common on the planet but do happen, and when they happen, it’s usually very aggressive.

The rest of the system is populated by gas giants and barren or frozen planets. Asmelia orbits around a red dwarf. Asmelia’s sun, prior to the red dwarf, was a blue star and had collapsed in only 400 Million years to form the red dwarf known as Odin 1-E. Asmelia is rather young, finishing forming around 2045 after the transformation of its star into a red dwarf in 600 b.c. Its location is 13,000 Light Years away from Earth and at 240 degrees.

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