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The Military Structure

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The Military Structure

Post by Mr. StraightFacts on Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:17 am

The standing military structure is the prime and joy of the Joevak Empire. A warrior culture that surrounds the idea of dying in combat is an honor. Though, they understand the need for retrograding from combat, and regrouping. The Military has High ranking officers that form a cabinet, one person representing each branch. Each person reports to the Prime Minister and/or Governor, depending on the situation. These people are called the "High Command". Earning titles that obviously out rank Generals and Grand Admirals.

The High Command stands above three branches of the military. These branches are Army, Navy, and Special Forces. Each branch is specialized in regular and irregular forms of combat; yet some branches are more proficient than others. Each branch can preform Supportive, Battle, and Disruptive operations. Learning as the situation evolves.

High Command:

Zara Young

Connor Ward

Anders Kidd
Special Forces

Navy Personnel Structure

Grand Admiral Miller
                                                       Moff Admiral Melia

Admiral Devon Kerslake

Vice Admiral Caleb Herlok

Rear Admiral Corlass Bach

Captain Orman Vensey

Commander Warmund Wolf 

Lieutenant Commander Roth Pavey

Lieutenant Maci Hambelton

Lieutenant Junior Grade Gala Ventre

Ensign Tiana Wolf

Command Master Chief Petty Officer Amos Winnette
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