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Atrata Federation / Atrata Angelic Republic

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Atrata Federation / Atrata Angelic Republic

Post by GM_Faux on Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:20 pm

The Atrata Federation and the later Atrata Angelic Republic
The Atrata Federation is a group that broke away from the EFA (Earth Federation Alliance) in its earlier days. The federation was made of several factions of people that were on the criminal watchlist of the young EFA. This included the Atrata Resistance. The Atrata Resistance itself, however, is the embodiment of the federation being made of rouge EFA special operates in its earlier days. In its infancy, the Atrata Federation was a mere thorn in the side of the EFA and soon grew to be a galactic threat to the ever-growing, soul-crushing, Earth Federation Alliance. The Atrata Resistance had first been doing Robin Hood-esque work but soon blossomed into a deadly flower that crippled the EFA from the inside out. Even at one point stealing a whole entire colony ship which began the growth of the Atrata Federation. They were inspired by the tale of the Commonwealth of Phoenix to first create the Atrata Resistance. The tale of those who had defied the EFA once before.
The Atrata Federation started from almost nothing as their almost 200-year journey stripped them of some of the resources they needed to grow at a decent rate. There were some things they couldn’t do and only got to the point where the level of technology that of the young EFA. They were technologically behind compared to their close cousin the Joevak Empire. Or previously known as the Commonwealth of Phoenix. The Atrata first became the Atrata Colony on the new planet they formally named Asmeilia. Fairly early in their development, they noticed that Asmelia was rich in raw materials which would prove extremely useful in the expansion to the first city of Atrata Prime.
It was soon after they began exploring more that they discovered by complete accident that there were another sentient species living on Asmelia with them. They were extremely advanced and had the resources that they needed to spread out among the stars. The next few months would be to slowly introduce themselves to these creatures. To the surprise of the Atrata Colony, the sentient species were human, all but their wings and supernatural abilities. The colony came to know them as the angels of Asmeilia but in truth, they were known as the Seraphim. Diplomatic relations went very well. There was a wealth of knowledge shared between the two due to the very xenophile nature of the angels and the Atrata Colony
Soon the expansion of the Atrata Colony was supercharged and the first Angelic Golden Age began. With the angels the closest allies of the Atrata Colony, the two leaders met and signed the Atrata Angelic Federation treaty which made the Atrata even more developed. The treaty made the Atrata Colony and the Seraphim Republic into the Atrata Federation. This was also around the same time that the newly formed Atrata Federation spread to the resource-rich Cabrion as well as plunging its hands into the exploration. Now with the Angelic Jump Drive, they were able to reach new places they had never seen before. This age was triumphed by only the Joevak Empire, the close cousins of the Atrata Federation’s human populous, yet no one had any idea if they were real or not…
The Atrata Federation seemed to be thriving, with the new technology they had colonized another planet, the research planet known as Betheshee. Then disaster struck. The research being undertaken in the Betheshee labs was on the angel drives that previously were gifted to them. Though the Angels and the Humans tend to be close. This accident made an enormous tear in that relationship. Betheshee was ripped apart in a supermassive WDFE or Warp Drive Failure Event. An event known as the Betheshee Fracture. The reason for the tear in relations with the two sides was due to the fact that the scientists on Betheshee were experimenting with technology that they had no idea how it worked. The Seraphim were extremely distraught with the Humans but decided to keep the federation alive because of the cultural, and small scientific gifts that the Atrata people had given them.
The Atrata government were just as shocked they had no idea that a separate corporation was off the record experimenting with the Angel Drive Cores. The corporation, known as Cardinal Steel and Technology inc. was shut down and its assets frozen in a matter of days after the government  heard the news. Another company known as Atrata Mechatronics Inc. took over, though it was heavily regulated by the Atrata government now. It soon rebranded as the Atrata Developmental Branches and became a government facility. Though corporations are still a cornerstone in the Atrata Federation some became heavily regulated, mostly the Research and Development corporations and less with the mining corporations.
Though the corporations were dealt with and the CEO and Executives of the felon corporation imprisoned. Relations were still substandard and the angels still had a sour taste in their mouths. The Atrata Government proposed something. It was a leap of faith, literally. The government proposed that the Seraphim Republic and the Atrata Colony merged into one. This way, the Angels could regulate what they saw fit to avoid another Betheshee Fracture. Many of the citizens saw this as a wonderful opportunity seeing this as payment for meddling with their technology. Some of the Atrata citizens were actually starting to follow the religion that the Angels had. The Atrata Government also saw the benefits of this in terms of advancing them further. The vote came to 92% in favor of the merge and the Treaty of the Angelic Eon Triangle was signed. The Atrata Federation soon became the Atrata Angelic Republic and another golden age was peeking over the horizon.

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