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Rules & Regulations

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Rules & Regulations

Post by Mr. StraightFacts on Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:38 am

There are many rules and Regulations that you must follow why you RP on this site. These rules consist on basic site behavior, Empire Creation, Faction creation, character creation, etc. Please follow these rules to the letter, and if you have any questions ask any staff member.

Site Rules:

1. No God-Modding. Since this site isn't based on stats, and only by word play. You cannot force hit someone or force their character to do something. This is all decided on both parties on what happens within their roleplay. Please be respectful to each other, and their characters.

2. No Mary-Sue characters! What this means is that your character seems to have no flaws whatsoever. Meaning, that they can adapt to any situation that is thrown at them. This would include learning skills, adapting to a fight with "God-like" talent, having unrealistic abilities are a young age, and / or being able to know everything that is everything.

3. Respect your fellow members! I cannot stress how important this is. Respecting anyone is a basic curtesy rule. Treat others how you want to be treated. If you're found in violation you will be punished accordingly.

4. Respect Staff! This is an obvious rule, but at the same time Staff Members MUST also respect members. This is a two way street, but Staff is also following the rules that are set upon. If you have any issues with Staff and/or other members. Please report this to any other staff member or myself.

5. STAFF !! This is specifically for you! Respect other Staff and other members. Don't overstep your boundaries, this is important! If you have any issues or problems, don't hesitate to ask myself or other Staff.

6. Don't spam other members to hurry up and post. I understand that sometimes you're just excited to get your thread moving along. However, everyone posts at their own speed. Please be respectful and patiently wait for that person to post.

7. Don't force a thread on someone else! Meaning, you can't put someone into a position that they have to roleplay with you. This also could mean by randomly jumping into a thread to roleplay with that person. Please ask permission of the people if you can join the thread! This could be considered harassment and it a SERIOUS issue. This will be handled swiftly by Staff and/or myself. BE RESPECTFUL! You can also list within the title of the thread to let people know the status of the thread. 



This would signify the status of the thread and how people feel about others joining their thread. Remember to list your thread status, people!

8. This is a PG-13 roleplay! You're allowed to cuss but don't overdo it. Understand that there can be people ranging from a plethora of ages. Youngling, yes I said younglings, could join this site. Understand that and be respectful!

9. Sexual situations are VERY limited. Kissing and romance is perfectly fine but nothing more. If the story arch turns into a situation past PG-13, please "fade to black". As I have stated in Rule #8, there can be younglings!

10. Violence is limited! Meaning, don't be TOO detailed with your roleplays. You can be violent, but not to a "Jigsaw" variation of Gore!

11. Punishment is varied from the act one has committed. Generally you get 3 warnings before an action occurs. 

First Offense: 1 warning
Second Offense: 2 Warnings
Third Offense: 3 Warnings + 1 Day Suspension 
Fourth Offense: 4 Warnings + 1 Week Suspension
Fifth Offense: 5 Warnings + 1 Month Suspension + Reduction in Member Status
Sixth Offense: Banned

Follow the rules! Dare I say, Keep your military barring!

Empire Rules:

These rules are created to maintain the speed at which one Empire can go / grow. You must follow these rules to learn how to maintain and grow your Empire. Remember, an Empire has a chance to change how people roleplay on the site. Your actions on the site, might cause a change within the story line. Your Empire could force people to acknowledge your power, and possible declare war on you. You might find the odds in your favor…possibly not in your favor. You can finally garner the attention of the 4 God Empires.
Tier 0: This is the starting tier once your application is approved. Your system shows up on the map, but not listed that you control it. Currently, you only control your homeworld. You must complete a short thread of your Empires introduction.
-Can only build fighters, surface to space but can travel far in space
-Can’t build a space station
-Can’t make a fleet
Tier 1: You must control a total of 2 systems. This includes your starting system and 1 other system. You must also complete a 12 post thread on your Empires growth in power. You now show up on the Galactic map.
-Can make Tier 1 Space Stations
-Can Make Corvette’s, range in size from 50-200 meters in length
-Can make a 100 ship fleet
-Can make Planet bound Vehicles between 10-20 meters in length. This includes tanks, APC’s, air units, etc
Tie 2: You must control 5 Systems in total. You must complete a 12 post thread on your Empires growth in power. YOU MUST HAVE 100 POSTS ON YOUR MAIN PROFILE THAT REPRESENTS YOUR EMPIRE!
-Can make Frigate, range in size from 300-600 meters in length
-Can make a 200 ship fleet
- Can make 2 fleets
-Can make a Tier 2 Space Station
- Can make planet bound vehicles between 30-50 meters in length. This includes tanks, APC’s, Mobile Suits, etc
Tier 3: Must control a total of 8 systems. You must complete a 20 post thread, showing the growth of your Empires power. YOU MUST HAVE 150 POSTS IN TOTAL ON YOUR MAIN PROFILE THAT REPRESENTS YOUR EMPIRE!
-Destroyer, can range from 650-800 Meters in length
- Can make Tier 3 Space Station
-Can make a 400 ship fleet
-Can Make 5 Fleets
-Can now Construct Mega Structures. This means you can make Ring Worlds, Large Research Stations, Large stations that reveal all forms of information of fleet movements in the galaxy, and harvest the suns energy
Tier 4: You must control a total of 12 systems. You must complete a 20-post thread, showing the growth of your Empires power. YOU MUST HAVE 300 POSTS IN TOTAL ON YOUR MAIN PROFILE THAT REPRESENTS YOUR EMPIRE!
-        Can build a Dreadnought, can range from 1,000-2,500 meters in length
-        Can Make Tier 4 Space Station
-        Can Make 10 Fleets
-        Can now construct superweapons, you can destroy planets or large ships. This can only be used once a thread.
-        Can make Walkers, large mobile units that lay waist on the battlefield
-        Can make 600 ship fleet
Tier 5: You must control 20 systems. You must complete a 50 post thread, showing the growth of your Empires power. YOU MUST HAVE 800 POSTS IN TOTAL ON YOUR MAIN PROFILE THAT REPRESENTS YOUR EMPIRE!
-Can Build Titans, ships that can range from 3,000 – 5,000 meters in length
-Can make Tier 5 Space Station
-Can Make 20 Fleets
- Can make 1,00 Ship Fleet
- Can build Wormhole Mega Structure, travel anywhere within the galaxy
Tier 6 (RARE TIER): This can only be achieved if you destroy/defeat one of the 4 God Empires.
-God-Killer Title/Rank
- 2,000 ship Fleet
- Resurgence, ship ranging from 9,000-12,000 meters in length
-Can have 50 fleets
-Can make technology to travel to another Galaxy

Faction Rules:

Magic Rules:

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